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WhatsApp messages finds its way to the list as it overcomes the character limitations of text messages. This cross-platform app enables you to send messages to the clients in form of text, images, videos, vCards, etc. This cross-platform mobile app enables message exchange across different mobile platforms. The fact that makes WhatsApp stand out is its reach and popularity amongst the people. They may miss your SMS, but not your WhatsApp message. This gen-next app with about 200 million active users in India itself, gives the marketers the ability to send media rich messages to the target audience. Business owners realize the importance of reaching out to this huge number of subscribers and also the potential that WhatsApp can unfold for their business. Features of WhatsApp marketing –

  • Useful to send Images, Videos or large Text to your audience.
  • Can be sent anytime (365 * 24 * 7)
  • WhatsApp messages can be delivered on DND Mobile No.(Do Not Disturb) also. The mobile should just have the app installed in it.
  • Group messages – Want to send the same message to everyone at a moment, make a group to share it.
  • Broadcast messages – Want to keep anonymity of receivers, Broadcast it, only you will know the people you send message.

The features of WhatsApp make it easy for marketers to measure how their promotional advertising messaging campaigns performed.